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No, We're Not Dead

Posted by Brycec on April 16, 2014

In spite of what the lapsed (again) SSL certificate may lead you to believe.

Over the past few months, we've worked our way up and we're now running -stable, OpenBSD 5.4.

Naturally, we've patched our OpenSSL and Heartbleed was practically a non-issue.

And in the coming months, you may see yet more signs of life from us. You never know!

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Keybase Support

Posted by Brycec on April 16, 2014

Good news, everybody!

We're strong believers in GnuPG/PGP signing and public key cryptography. Recently, the folks at keybase.io have rolled out a service to simplify public key exchange, signing, verification and encryption/decryption for everybody. Naturally, we've installed the keybase client, and we encourage everyone to sign up.

We've gone a step further as well. You can now verify your personal web space by using http://$username.devio.us. Just place the keybase.txt file in your ~/public_html/ directory, that's it.

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Whoops! SSL Certificate Expired

Posted by Brycec on May 01, 2012

Sorry about that folks, we let this one slip by us.
Yes, the devio.us SSL cert expired on May 1. We're aware of it, and getting things back on track as quickly as we can.

Sorry for any alarm.

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