We offer everything and the kitchen sink.

We think we offer a pretty good deal. Reliable connectivity (thanks to HostDime.com), all the services you can chew on, with all the tools you'd ever need.

Standard (free) account features

1. Unrestricted shell access via SSH
2. Access to all standard software - compilers, IRC clients, mail clients, screen and so forth
3. Plenty of space - 100MB for standard accounts
4. A secure place to host your personal website (we utilize suPHP)
5. Secure mail services (smtp-auth w/ TLS, IMAPs/POP3s)
6. 1 MySQL DB for all standard accounts
7. Clever user resource segregation (increasing reliability)
8. Nightly on-site and off-site backups

Premium account features

1. All of the above
2. 1-2 background processes to detach your screen sessions or nohup
3. 1GB of space
4. Up to 5 MySQL databases
5. Our eternal gratitude for helping the project

wolfman.devio.us stats

Uptime: 279 days, 23:10
Load: 2.02, 1.70, 1.64
Mem: 1285MB / 2047MB
Disk: 129G/293G