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You must reach out to us on IRC before you apply. In order to prove you're not a bot, or you're at least a very interesting AI, all applicants must come and chat with us in #devious on Freenode before you waste your and our time applying. Let us get to know you, and you to know us, make friends with an IRC op. Really, it's better for everyone.

We really advise for you to take your time to fill out all fields appropriately and honestly. If you don't, we may not approve your application for a account. Before proceeding, please make sure you have reviewed our usage policy.

If your intentions are to tunnel out, leap the great firewall of China, watch Hulu videos, or play World of Warcraft behind your school's proxy, this free service is NOT for you - your application will be rejected! Please see our sister project, for an account.

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