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Boston Township - better known as Helltown - a sleepy little town nestled in the back woods of Ohio. Nearby ski resorts make the area rather untraveled during the nicer months of the year. But is there something lurking beneath the surface of this innocent town? Rumors and legends swirl out of the mist.
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Contributed by Dave

Webmaster's Note : Dave emailed me and asked if I was interested in some of his stories of the Boston Township area. I readily agreed and wrote him back with a few things that I remember about the area (having been there several times) What follows is mostly Dave's contribution, with some of my own experiences thrown in to clarify certain things...

...the highway to hell (we called it the end of the world because of a part in the road were it looked like your car was going over a cliff) the road is now permanently closed (too many accidents) The road was unpaved and in dire need of some work. Potholes that were easily a foot deep and as you got further and further into the path (surrounded by woods, mind you) the road became narrower and narrower until it was obvious that if something happened to you back here, you would not be able to turn around...keep going forward, or drive back in reverse over that patch of horrible road.
The house in the woods is an interesting story, There used to be an old bus parked on a concrete slab in front of the house (it was towed away a few months ago to keep people from going back there-gee, it only took them 30-some-odd years) anyway legend has it that back in the late 1960's (maybe early 1970's) a bus load of kids were going to one of the ski resorts. They were passing the driveway of the house when an old lady ran down to the road and flagged the bus down. She said there was someone at the house who was seriously hurt. The bus driver pulled down the driveway and up to the house. As the driver was getting off the bus to see what had happened, a group of people ran from the woods and killed him then slaughtered everyone on the bus. Supposedly someone came upon the scene sometime later and found the bus parked on this concrete slab. All the people on the bus were dead and the house looked like it had been deserted for some time. Legend also has it that several attempts had been made to tow the bus away but after several injuries (and a few fatalities) they decided to leave the bus where it was at. (I had visited the bus many times over the years and it was indeed a late 60's model school bus) there was a school name on the side but I can't for the life of me remember which district, I know it wasn't local.
The last time I went down to the house (about 2 or 3 years ago) it still looked very run down but someone had installed new windows (maybe someone was trying to renovate). Also back in 1990 me my friend Damon and his girl friend went back to see the house and off to the side is a gravel path that leads a short way into the woods, we followed it back and at the end of the path was a garage, the garage seemed old, but it had seemed it very recently (at that time) had been aluminum sided (for whatever reason) we opened the door and inside was the largest collection of old junk I'd ever seen, everything in there was circa 1940's,even the body of a '48 Ford (just the shell, nothing else) I don't know if this has anything to do with the supernatural, but it was weird.
We never saw any lights in the house but one night we drove back there and as the headlights hit the bus, it appeared to be brand new and we could all see people sitting in the seats (the seats had been stripped out long ago) there were 6 of us in the car and we all saw the same thing. We got the hell out of there and it took me a long time to go back there after that.

Webmaster's Note : One of the legends I had heard was that anyone who had spent too much time snooping around the area was eventually chased from the area by a car with one headlight. It happened to us one night (although, looking back I now wouldn't call it "being chased") We were followed until we pulled out of the town limits by a car with one headlight. The house in the woods was theorized as being the source of the cars that did the chasing. Another story involves someone pulling into the driveway of the house in the woods - when suddenly the house was flooded with light (both inside and in the yard) - the trespassers escaped, but (you've guessed it already haven't you?) were chased from town by a car with one headlight...

Contributed by

Hey if you want to talk about "hell town" then talk to me, I've probably spent more time down there than anyone!

Hell Town should be most known for this event: driving down a road nicknamed "edge of the world" dead of winter we came up around the bend where three girls were standing in 1920s- 1930s apparel laughing and watching as we went by, we turned around to find out why they were way out there at 1:00 AM it took maybe 20 seconds to turn around, they were gone!!!! we got out to check it out there was nowhere to go and there were no footprints anywhere ours were the only tire tracks!!! it was like a dream!

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Webmaster note: in February, 2001 I recieved this email... and a few of my friends were in helltown this past weekend and we decided to check out the "highway to hell", so we walked down it, but nothing strange really happened. It was at night and we were walking down the road for some time when we finally came across the house in the woods that u guys say is supposed to be haunted or illuminated or whatever, but it wasn't. i'm not sure however if it was the right house... i was past all the road closed signs, and far down the road, and it was white.. there were also footprints on the ground in front of the house... so someone else was there earlier, but ne ways, where does that road really lead too? and what do you suggest i do in order to encounter ghosts? also, i was in boston cemetery, and i didn't even see a bench anywhere in there, and i heard there was a bench in which a ghost sits on. and are there really devil worshippers living in that town? what exactly is up with that place? I'm hearing all these different stories, but im not getting the whole picture...

Webmaster note: and in April, 2001 I recieved this one...

hey, i just got back from helltown tonight with a few friends of mine, and we went down the "highway to hell" and we got up to the point where the road dips up and back down and theres that road closed sign, so we turned around cuz we didnt wanna go all the way down cuz we didnt have ne flashlights, and all of a sudden when we were drivin back down the road a hearse passes us by goin down the road!! and it went down into the woods!! we were like what the hell, so we decided to get outta there and all of a sudden we get pulled over by the cops on the road... the cop took all 5 of our id's and told us that it was illegal to be down here, and it wasnt even past the road closed sign, i was like why? hes like theres a lot of devil worshiping goin on and teenagers causing trouble down here, so you need to go, and don't ever come back... it was strage tho, he didnt even come up to the drivers side window, he knocked on the passengers side, and made my one friend get out of the car.... i asked him if he saw the hearse and the cops said that he lives down there... i was like oookkk.. but this sucks tho cuz he took our names and we are not allowed to go back to helltown at night anymore... im pissed cuz i dont see what is so illegal about just driving around the town, i just thought id tell u cuz it seems like theyre startin to pull people over just for being there at night, i dunno why, but they are... somethings up but i dunno what, and that hearse was a lil strange....

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Hey me and 2 friends just got back from visiting Boston Township "Helltown". We heard from some other site online that there were 2 mysterious roads in that town that were both dead ends. One was a road where at the end there is a "haunted" cemetery. (Boston Cemetery) We heard that trees have been known to move and that a ghost sits on a bench and stares blankly into creation. Well as far as we could see, there was no bench there. The cemetery didnt even look that creepy or anything. The other road we went down and got to the point where it said that it was closed but didnt go further because we didnt wanna park the car there and it looked to bad to drive. Just wonderin if you heard anything on the cemetery, doesnt look to be haunted to us. The road looks creepy but we havent investigated that yet.

Contributed by

I am excited to see "Helltown" mentioned here. About six or seven years ago myself and a few others were introduced to Helltown by a gal that had worked at Boston Mills ski resort. It was the day after prom (a beautiful day in May, 1996) and we decided to roam around a little bit. She told us the stories of Boston Township. We drove around, and ended up hiking to a spot where we came across an old bus. According to the story we were told, the bus had crashed and all aboard were killed. The bus we saw had been damaged by vandals yet looked very old. We also visited a cemetary that was on a plateau. According to her story, that is where many young victims of the bus accident were buried. While we did see many tombstones of young people, I am not sure if this is the correct legend of the bus. She showed us many haunted houses that day. Feel free to email me, Of all of the people I know that visit this area during the winter, only one or two have heard of "Helltown" I am happy to see this local legend recieve some attention.

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hey...i was reading some of the stuff on hell town...just thought ud like to know that Hell Town is where Children of the Corn was filled at. most of the houses along the hill known as "end of the world" were, at one, time stunt houses for the movie. also...underground railway systems run under Peninsula (hell town)...and hudson too. I've been threw hell town quite a few times...and did have some creepy encounters. first time....
in may, coming back from the Mushroomhead concert at blossom, driving down Akron Peninsula, i got pulled over for going 45 in a 25 mph zone. i couldnt see the speed cause it was so darn foggy out. the cop kept asking us over and over again if we knew where we were, and if we knew how to get home. after he gave me my ticket...he said "now...i want u do leave this place...make a right at the light...DONT GO LEFT. and go home!" so off i went on my marry way. didnt think twice about it. didnt even know i was in hell town.
second time....
it was about 11 and a few friends were bored outta our we decided to take a peek at hell town and see what everyone was talking about. we parked our car at the church on akron peninsula and walked around. as we walked by the winking lizard, a hairless cat came up to us...(not creepy...but i thought it was kinda cool) so we walked down RT. 303 for a while...n the whole time it stunk of something funky. it was like the smell of cat litter that was sitting around for a year or so. gross. but we got to the cemetery n walked around in there for a bit. we noticed a few cracked graves, so we tried to fix them by putting their pieces back together...we walked away, then came back a few min. latter, n sure enuf, they were back to their same spots. we left shortly after back to my car...only to find 5 old men standing around it and looking into it. as soon as they sawus they walked away.
third time....
every time ive been to hell town, ive seen a massive amount of wild life. peacocks, deer, possom, wild turkey, racoons, fox, ....its like a freking zoo there. so we found end of the world...and the end of the road...we turned around in some ones drive way....only to have them come out yelling at us about how their drive way isnt a turn around point, n they were sick of all the teen's that come threw there....then asked us if we were those "devil worshiper kids" they see every night. we were like what? n drove away. we found the church that's in the fork in the road. rumors say that in the early 1900's it was used as a church to worship the was known for its witch craft too. we walked around the outside of it a bit, but couldnt get in. we looked threw the window and saw a bunch of lit candles, then a person saw us peaking in and shut the blinds. we made our ways back to the center of town...n went to the cemetery again. the gates were open so we just drove in...its a pretty big hill....n half way up car decided not to go forward would go to a certain point, then roll matter what i did, i kept rolling back...i dont drive a stick, n the hill isnt THAT big to roll back on. it creeped me out. so i just parked my car there and got out...i locked my doors and had the keys in my hand the whole time...when we got back to my car, the doors were unlocked and all the windows were rolled down. we left straight after that.

Contributed by Steve

Everybody has heard of Boston Townships hauntings and Ghosts. The scares of the "end of the world" to the frightening "school bus". If you make way to Hell Town just to see the "end of the world" let me tell you that you are in the wrong places in this town. Everybody thinks when they enter Boston Township that they are going to see ghosts of children and school bus drivers. You are all wrong. This place is cursed. This place is very much alive. This town is a place of worship,but not of God. I myself could not keep count of how many time we have seen people in brown and black robes dancing around red & blue fires deep in the woods of this town. I can remember on a Saturday night we went to the Boston Township Cemetery around 2-2:30 in the morning. there were 13 of us in 4 car loads. We were all talking about Hell town at a party and we decided to go. It was the eriest feeling I ever had. The old grave yard sits on top of a hill and fog was rolling down it. You could see lighting in the black skies. It looked like something you would see in the movies. Though it was not raining the ground was very damp. We were all laughing having a good time up there when a friend noticed there was one more person in our party. Instead of 13 of us,there was now 14 of us. I can remember him saying "HEY YOU--WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE". We all started down the hill running our asses off!!! We got to the cars and he caught up to us. To this day I don't know why we were running because there was 13 of us and only one of him. This guy was nuts. This guy had no shoes on, no shirt only a pair of shorts. He had cuts and welts all over his back and distorted tattoos all over his chest. He had some make up or dirt painted under his eyes and this is at 2:30 A.M. Our cars were parked in front of the abandoned funeral home right in front of the grave yard. There was a candle lit in a top floor window. He tried many times to get us to go up there. He said something about a cool radio he wanted us to check out. It looked as if there were two more people up there or maybe more. Then he started to mumble something about the man with the axe, that's when we decided it was time to go. We started up our cars and we noticed people in dark robes walking toward us from the field on our left. You could see camp fires lit off in the distance from where they were coming from( I still can't believe we did not see them when we first pulled in). One of them came to one of the cars while the rest stayed back in the middle of the road. He tried opening the door of one of the cars when everyone started to yell to leave. When we started to move so did the others in the middle of the road. They made a human chain thinking that we would not bust it with our cars , but we did. We drove right through them. One even flipped over one of the cars. We flew out of there as fast as we could. We took the first right turn when we noticed a truck following us with one head light. When we finally got out of the town the truck some how vanished!! It was gone!! All of us have many stories and rumors about this place. I found it odd that the are two churches in this town, one is called Mother of Sorrows and it has two upside down crosses on it and the other is called Boston Township church and it has no crosses on it period. There is a sign next to it that reads "we believe in an inspired Bible". We have been to the Church several times when they hold midnight masses once a month but did not see anything inside. The road south of the church (I can't remember the name of it) there is a house where we believe they hide out in. We were in there once in the early evening one time. The back corner of the house looks have been burnt from a fire and it smells strong of gasoline inside. There are writings and markings on the walls and blood splattered on the floors. There are many animals that lay dead out side of this house that have been gutted for some reason. Also in the barn in the back we found a Blue pick up truck that was missing one headlight and it seemed to be in working condition. Could that of been the vehicle that chases everyone out?? We don't know for sure. What I can tell you is that over the last 15 years there has been 7 dead bodies found in this town. Do you dare to go to Hell town?? I know I'll never return back. People have to understand that this place is not about ghost hunting,It's about reality. That things of this story do happen and should not be messed with. Leave this place and these peoples religion alone!!

Contributed by Stephanie

Being natives of the surrounding area, my husband and I were somewhat familiar with the urban legends surrounding Peninsula/Boston Heights, but always took it with a healthy dose of skepticism. Nonetheless, after listening to the CRUW radio show Halloween night (while transporting an injured wild animal to an emergency vet hospital), we decided to check this stuff out first hand this weekend.
So today, we ventured out to the Boston Heights Cemetary and the "End of the World" roadside house.
The results were for the most part uneventful but no less creepy. First, we travelled to the cemetary. No bench, no ghost. Actually, the cemetary was well-maintained and quite quaint. We actually spent more time there studying the various, historic headstones and family plots. It was quite interesting, though somewhat sad--for instance, the Fayreweather family who had tragically lost many young sons within a very short period of time (during the civil war, I believe).
But the cemetary wasn't creepy. Rather, it was our trip to the "end of the world."
At first, the drive up to the "road closed" point was fairly neat, with the steep dips and everything. However, when we approached the "road closed" sign and saw the narrow, deserted, leaf-covered road down below, I immediately lost my nerve and made my husband stop. We turned around and drove for a while. I later regained my nerve and we went back, about an hour before sundown. As we were driving slowing down the steep hill, we came upon a tall man who was walking in the middle of the road, who turned around. He wore light, neutral colored clothing with an off-white fishing hat. The weirdest thing about this guy was that he didn't seem phased by the fact that he was in the road and that a car was coming up upon him. He turned back and stared right at us. Even though we were looking right at him, I could not tell how old he was. He could have been in his 60's or 70's or he could have just as easily been in his late 20's early 30's--light, fair haired features with a moderately weathered look, but with no discernable expression on his face.
We past this man and continued cautiously beyond the "road closed" sign. We travelled about 40 yards and then came up to a barrier which appeared to have been there for quite some time, at least a couple of years. So much for being able to drive through. We pulled off to the side of the road (?) and decided to get out of the car and continue on foot. As we worked ourselves around the gate, I looked back and saw that man slowly walking down the hill behind us. Honestly, he could have been a local on his usual hike. My husband was not visibly concerned that he was there, so I continued without having another wuss-out fit. The road to the house on foot can be somewhat strenouse for a 30 year-old smoker, but we made it up the hill. The road was pretty worn and in disrepair. It was very quiet during our hike. So I was surprised to see this guy still keeping a steady pace behind us--it didn't occur to me later that this guy didn't make a noise, even with all the dried leaves on the road.
Anyway, we got to the top and saw the house about a hundred feet back, behind some trees on our right. To my relief, we came across a few hikers passing through on a trail, so I became less concerned that this guy was still walking behind us. Also, with some people around, I regained some courage. We walked up to the house, following a "trail" of leaves and gravel. As we came up to the front of the house, I turned around and noticed our "friend" walking past the house, continuing on down the road, albeit slowly. We walked up to the house. The door was nothing more than a board. There was no school bus, nor its shadow. We walked around to the right, down up to the basement garage door, but that's as far as we went. I felt that there may have been a vagrant or other individual inside the house and we both made the sensible decision not to trespass further. Interestingly, while the house appeared more or less abandoned, there was an air-conditioning unit in one of the upstairs rooms. We walked around the house further, and came upon the legendary "hell car"--a rusted out late 60's model which probably hasn't moved from the spot in over ten years. I find it curious that it has remained here in this state. There was a large barn/shed on the left side of the house, with tarp-covered junk in front of it. While the barn had windows, it was dark and, as with the house, we could not detect anything or anyone behind the windows. However, I couldn't get rid of this feeling we were being watched. We left, walking back down the same path/driveway. As we came upon the road again, I saw the same man up the road to our right, who had been standing there but was now walking (quietly) back down the road toward our direction. It was as if he was standing up on the road watching us the whole time. My husband noticed him, but he carried himself high, and we both walked confidently back down back the hill to our car. The man was walking behind us. While this was really starting to creep me out, we then came upon a two groups of other hikers, and so I felt relatively safe even though I couldn't hear this guy behind us but knew he was there. When we got to our car, I didn't look back. I got in the car, but then when I looked up from my seat of the car (it was faced forward, where we had just come from), I didn't see that man.
No spooks, no ghosts, no axe murderers (or their victims) but very . . .strange.

P.S.--The Boston Cemetary was nothing. There is a really eerie cemetary we had visited a year ago that's close by and worth the trip. It's located off Route 303 (heading West, toward route 8), and within the Cuyahoga Valley Parks property. It's called the Mater Dolorosa cemetary, and can be accessed off the Haskell Run trail, from the (ironically named) Happy Days visitor center. We literally stumbled upon it while hiking this trail, and we were quite surprised to see it there in the middle of park grounds. It's very old and very small, surrounded by mostly dead trees. There are maybe 20 graves. The ground is weak, lumpy and dark (even in the day time). As we were strolling, reading what we could from the more preserved headstones, both myself and my husband were struck by an overall gloomy feel while there. Perhaps it was the aesthetics. However, as we finished the trail and approached the visitor center from behind and travelled to the left, we came upon the foundation of an old structure. The park literature never mentioned it, and I have always been curious if this is linked to that god-awful cemetary we had just visited. I've researched this issue but turned up zilch. Have you or any other person heard of or know of any additional background about this area? I know I'm never going back there.

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hi, i live in boston hts. i moved here almost 2 years ago, and havent seen anything weird as of yet. but what i do know is that cops patrol the area almost every night. im using this as a warning to those of you who want to go see it. i have been there a few times, and it is pretty cool, the church has been used for a long time as a CHRISTIAN church. i went there with a friend of mine, and it is a very nice church. i have heard storys of dead animals being hung up on trees and such, but i have yet to see that yet. to be honest, i think i was followed by a car with one headlight once. i dont remember if it was a truck or not. i was driving on the road that led to highway to hell, when i reached the dead end i put it in reverse and turned around and went back up the end of the world. i drove for about 5 mins, when a car just showed up behind me. it had one head light, and wasent chasing me, it was just following me. it took me about 4 mins to get to my develment, i turned left and the car just kept going. i was by myself so no one else can confirm it. I work at a bp in boston hts. and it is a regular stop for the boston hts cops. i wouldent say im friends with them ,but i do know some of them on a first name basis. there all friendly, but are hard asses when it comes to the law. and why shouldent they be? there cops, if there not going to uphold the law, then who is? i asked them about the whole hell town thing, and they just laughed. they told me that kids not only do drugs at the houses, but there have been a few accidents involving the "end of the world" kids who are high and drunk speed up going down the road, and hit little bump before it, and land upsidedown. My class did a project on helltown, and i also saw an interview with the person who lives right next to the road closed sign. he said that many kids have died in his lawn as a result. the cops dident mention anything about the deaths, but i would think that you could die easly. thats just a warning to you guys who want to visite. its a small bump, followd by a 15-20 foot drop, if not more. DONT SPEED GOING DOWN THAT ROAD! it comes upon you all at once, and it dosent give you much of a warning. To be honest, i dont think there is much going on in helltown. the spookie garage that was talked about in an older letter, is now renevoted, and the whole area around it has turned it to quite a nice bike trail. and let me give you a little bit of advice. it you get pulled over by a cop in that area, and he asked what your doing here, tell them your LOST, ask how you get back to new route 8! it might not get you out of a ticket, but it will help you get out of trouble with the cops. it that helps any. if i missed anything, feel free to email me. im not an expert on helltown, but i do know alot about it. and i will write you back, i promise.

Contributed by Jeff R Stroup

Well I really enjoyed reading though all of the different encounters and stories about Boston Township. I live very close to that area and I have a few friends that live in Penninsula. I can't say that I have every experienced anything supernatural down there but i do know that there is satanic worship in those woods and i have heard of some sort of Penninsula secret society but nothing substantial. I have heard stories of people having there dogs disappear when left out over night. and sometimes you can see fires in the woods but those could be anything. I have seen people in dark cloaks walking down the road but that is by Virginia Kendell Park (a ways down the road). The satanic church with upside-down crosses is a normal everyday christian church. The so called upside-down crosses are just the way that the windows were built. I've never been to that old abandoned house in the woods but I do know of another old abandoned house in the woods very near by helltown. If you take Akron Penninisula road heading away from helltown and make a left on quick road you can find the Duffy House. Probably a another stupid legend but I can say that I have been in that house and I hated it. The story is that some guy killed his whole family and then hung himself in the barn. This place is weird and if anyone knows any info about it I'd love to hear it. But anyways....On the property there are two houses both boarded up, a well, an outhouse, and a barn. The property is owned by the government and there are no trespassing signs. but I had two friends that broke into the house through the basement window freaked and didnt want to go back down through the basement and kicked down the back door to get out. After they kicked down the door a few of my other friends and myself walked in. If was creepy and gave me a horrible feeling so we all left. That was about 3 years ago. We would always drive past at night just to get that scare but one time we drove past and the house was lit up. You could see light coming from behind the plywood on the windows. More recently there have been construction crews there and they have begun to rebuild the old house. I cant figure out why it sat empty for so long or who owns it now and what they plan on doing with it but if you look in the garage windows there is trash in the trash cans that must be at least 20 years old. There's a Pepsi can with the old logo and really old can style. There is still furniture and other belongings in the house also. I don't like to belive in old legends but I cant figure out why a family would just leave without taking anything with them and then why after that it would sit empty for so long. So check it out if you want to. Nothing big. I've had some other encounters there but i wont bother mentioning them. It's easy to find. Just down from Woodridge High School on quick road. Please try to find some more info for me.

Contributed by Jason

Dear Creepy Cleveland,

Ive been a fan of Creey Cleveland for years now, i wrote to you more then two years ago about helltown, my email address then was i have a few updates about helltown, or as i prefer to call it, home. I visited the old abandoned house and i got the impression that people are just over-reacting to the site. Its nothing special, i mean, its just a house. Be it, the house looks empty, when i looked through the windows i could see boxes of stuff, so i believe its being used as a storage facility now. the bus has long since gone, and now there is a motion detector on the house to ward off drunk and stoned kids from the area. But one thing that i will confirm is the one head light car, because it happend to me again since my last email. To start, when i get stressed out, i like to drive around alone, and listen to music very softly. Anyway, i was driving around one night and decided to drive down to helltown, after i got to the top of the "end of the world" i turned around and started to drive back the way i came. about a quarter mile later a car popped up right behind me. Now the thing about this section of the road is there are no streets, well not really anyways, there was nowhere for anyone to turn onto the street that i could see at least. Anyways, it was a dark night, so i think that whoever was driving behind me had turned off his headlight and then turned it on after he had caught up to me. I was pretty weirded out to say the least. But i decided to try something that others haven't. I kept driving until i reached my development like i had done before, and when i turned, the car with one headlight kept going. Now he was never chasing me, but i am almost positive he was following me, i turned around in an attempt to start following the car. But to my shock, he was turning around himself, in the road farther down the street. As i drove by the car i couldnt see anyone in it, more or less because it was to dark out, but i did get a good glance at the car. It was an older Ford pickup truck. Dark bluish i think, it also had alot of rust on the bed of the truck, and i was suprised it could drive at all. I got a sick feeling in my stomach right after that. I felt like something was wrong, and i instantly went home. anyways, that's my story. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask. But keep in mind, i do not suggest going to helltown at night, ever. Not cause its haunted, or cult members will kill you or whatever, but because of the heavy police presence at night.

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Dear Creepy Cleveland,
Me and 6 other friends recently went to Helltown on a Friday night looking for something to scare us, like most kids would do. I would say it's not a good idea to go there at night because of the high police patrols, (we got pulled over, but they let us go). We went down the end of the world and really didn't see anything but a police car, so we left and went back about 30 minutes later. It was about 1:30 and we wanted to see the cemetery. When we got there and walked up the hill, I must have saw almost 30 deer up there. It seemed kind of strange to see all of those up there that late, but it really wasn't that big. We walked through the cemetery and didn't see a bench or anything so we decided to leave. As we were walking back through Boston cemetery my friend jumped at something. He said he heard something running past him. Well, we were all together so none of us ran past him. I was kind of freaked out, but kept walking. All of a sudden I heard footsteps running around us all over. It sounded like over 10 people were running around us. We heard someone scream and we took off running. When we got back to our cars, our windows were down, so naturally we took off. As we were leaving the city, my friend in front of me called my cell phone and was talking to me and all of a sudden the phone cut out and all I could hear was people yelling on the phone in really high pitched screams. The phone just cut out and we took off. We flew out of Boston Township and got home in about 20 minutes. It probably was the strangest experience I've ever had, considering I didn't believe it at all, but I do have to say I will go back. I know there's more to it than just the cemetery.