This page is deprecated. Please visit this link to download the latest version.

Defile of Eden 2

Zelda meets Team Fortress, Tank Jr from Quake III meets a childs coloring book. Defile of Eden 2 is a fast paced, 2D multiplayer action game. Players can team up or battle against each other (or bots) over the Internet or on a LAN to either defend or defile the world in which they currently reside. Each team has an objective in which to defend against the opposing team whilst at the same time devising offences against their enemies.

This game is free on *BSD?

Yes! If you are the lucky owner of a system running FreeBSD or OpenBSD we will always provide completely unrestricted compiled builds of the latest version of the game. This is because FreeBSD and OpenBSD are our development platforms of choice so no additional porting efforts have needed to be made. First class support for these platforms is a bonus. We intend to (hopefully) recuperate development costs on ports to other platforms by charging a couple of quid or so. Of course in these early days, donations are very welcome for covering list server costs and because we are sick of eating baked beans!

We really hope you enjoy the game!


Getting started

This game requires C++11

The implementation of Defile of Eden utilizes some C++11 features. For this reason, both the FreeBSD and OpenBSD builds require the latest version of the gcc runtime to be installed for the game to work. The FreeBSD build has been built using lang/gcc46 so please ensure it is installed (either port or package) and then run the game with: The OpenBSD build requires lang/gcc46 to be installed. Unfortunately, binaries built using this compiler seem to emit exceptions which are never caught so if you notice the game terminates when it cannot connect to the list server, this is a known issue and we are working to resolve it!


I found a bug!

If you have found a bug or want to offer feedback on ways to improve the game, please let us know by emailing feedback{at} I have added a list of known issues at the bottom of this page. If one of these is the one you have found, then don't worry, we will be fixing it as soon as possible!

Known issues