Create games the way you want with Mutiny

Mutiny is a developer friendly 3D engine which aims to provide a flexible and portable rendering system with a similar API to the commercial Unity product without obstructing existing development pipelines or tying you down to closed platforms.

For game developers, the Mutiny engine provides a large amount of functionality to get started quickly. For those who like to dig deeper into the engine, Mutiny supports and encourages this! Developers can use the industry standard native C++ programming language rather than a domain specific scripting language, allowing the largest amount of power possible including using C libraries directly.

Since there are no proprietary or bespoke tools required to develop a game using Mutiny, it plays well with continuous integration and professional build systems. A game in it's entirety can be written using conventional programming so any version control system can be utilized to its fullest potential with your projects.

Allow players to experience your game the way they want

Unlike typical browser plugins that only support legacy Microsoft or Apple platforms, Mutiny uses Emscripten to output the game to HTML5/Javascript/WebGL which can be run by any modern standards compliant web browser. This even allows players using restricted devices to be able to run your games.

There is also support for producing compiled binaries of your games which not only target current popular operating systems, but potentially more exotic platforms and architectures such as Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD and Solaris/SPARC. This ensures that your game will always be portable to new systems as technology changes without waiting for a proprietary toolchain to catch up and thus making your game avaliable to as many players as possible.

Gather a community around your game

The open nature of the Mutiny platforms means that if you want to allow modding of your game by your users such as user created maps and models, this is possible since Mutiny does not lock down the game data in a closed and undocumented file format. Your users also do not need large, costly or platform specific editing software installed which will further entice user driven content.