The following is a list of demos and test projects created during the development of Mutiny. They should run in any modern standards compliant web browser.

BaastudA simple game making use of Shader postprocessing and SoundClip.
CollisionDemonstrates a number of features provided by Mutiny such as CollisionMesh, CharacterController, RenderTexture, Shaders, Texture and Model loading.
Post ProcessingDemonstrates that Mutiny is very capable when it comes to post-processing shader effects. This is done by attaching a RenderTexture to a Camera and doing multiple passes using the Graphics class
Defile Of Eden 2An early version of Mutiny is used in the port of the commercial game Defile of Eden 2 to all platforms we can be bothered with (We also provide FreeBSD and OpenBSD binaries for free)
Temporal - The Time Travelling CatAn early version of Mutiny was used for the initial alpha version of the game.