Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where did Links go in WordPress 3.5.x?

I noticed that the Links function wasn’t part of my newly installed WordPress system. What happened to them?

What happened was that the Links Manager function has been moved to a plugin that you can easily bring into your existing WordPress 3.5 installation.

I’m not sure about the reasoning behind removing Links from the core installation, but I’m not totally against it. I find the Links function a bit cumbersome, mainly using the interface to add links one at a time.

It’s faster just to hand-code the HTML and drop it in a Text Widget

So I’ll be thinking about the Link Manager plugin and whether or not I need/want it.

How to deal with the 403 problem when changing your permalinks in WordPress

Every time I changed my permalink style in this WordPress install on the OpenBSD system, I get locked out of the entire blog, unable to access the dashboard or the live site. All I get is a 403 error in the browser.

I deleted the blog and its database multiple times but kept falling into the same trap: Change permalinks, get locked out, clear database, reinstall …

Then I went for help, and found it from moderator Samuel B the forum. The hack to fix this lies in the .htaccess file, both what’s in it and its permissions. From the above forum post, here is the hack:

delete present .htaccess
upload blank .htaccess
chmod 666
set permalinks to desired (in the WordPress Dashboard)
chmod .htaccess back to 644 for security

I did this in the shell (aka console aka command line). In my setup I don’t need rootly privileges to do any of this, so my shell lines begin with $ instead of #, and I don’t need to use sudo.

The first line gets me to my blog directory, the rest is the same wherever you are:
$ cd /public_html/blog
$ rm .htaccess
$ touch .htaccess
$ chmod 666 .htaccess

(Now reset permalinks in the WordPress Dashboard)
$ chmod 644 .htaccess

Force SSL login and admin for blogs

I just configured this WordPress blog to force SSL login and admin so everything I do in the Dashboard is encrypted and nobody can see the logins, passwords or cookies that are passed as the result of writing entries and otherwise administering this site.

Basically I added this line to my wp-config.php file:

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);