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Sure WordPress doesn’t use Node.js, but right now that’s its strength

I see a lot of geeky types thinking about ditching WordPress because it uses old-as-the-hills PHP and not flavor-of-the-month Node.js (or Ruby or Python).

I’m interested in Node-coded Ghost too, but I’ve looked at it and know that it has a very long way to go until it’s close to feature-complete.

And Node isn’t exactly easy to get going. Plus most shared-hosting companies don’t offer it, and you’ll need a VPS, or a specialized cloud environment to run it.

I’m also looking into services like AWS Elastic Beanstalk and OpenShift that offer language-specific environments to run your Node (or Python or Java or Ruby or …) applications, including things like the Ghost blogging system.

That should go a long way toward making it easier to run a Node environment, but shared-hosting is still “today,” while running apps in OpenShift and AWS Elastic Beanstalk is “today” for some people but “a faraway tomorrow” for many people.

It’s still easy as hell to get a PHP app running. That’s why WordPress is going to stick with PHP, and it’s why newer apps like OwnCloud chose it: PHP is just so easy to deploy. Sure the language is looked down upon by geeks who are into Python, Ruby and Node. But for the majority of web hosts and the majority of people who use them, PHP is standard, and apps that use it are easier to get going than those that require you to wrap your head around Node or Rails. Sure YOU can do it, but can Joe Blogger?