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Automatic (and Automattic) WordPress updates are working

This system informed me that an automatic update (3.8.1) has been installed on this system.

Whether you like it or not, this is kind of a killer feature that takes care of one of the biggest problems out there in the WP world: out-of-date systems. There are all kinds of people running WordPress, and not all of them are keeping as close an eye on their installations as they might. These automatic upgrade go a long way toward keeping those systems safe.

If you’re the kind of person who’s really on top of things, this might be welcome, or an annoyance. But there are more people than you know who just aren’t getting in there and doing the updates when they should.

Update of this site took a little while to succeed

My guess is that something with the server made it difficult for me to update this site’s WordPress software to version 3.8. I failed in a number of attempts in the past month  or so. But today I was able to do the update, and now this site is fully patched.

I suspect that the admins made a change/fix. However it happened, it’s nice to have an up-to-date WordPress installation.

The dark art of archiving a WordPress blog

I don’t know if archiving/moving a WordPress blog is strictly a dark art, but when it comes to moving the images along with the posts, comments and tags, I think it is.

I say dark art because a) I don’t think images come along with the file you export out of WordPress and b) image tags in WordPress posts are generally absolute instead of relative, and I worry that could lead to broken links when the blog is transferred, and possibly no images at all if the blog “goes away” after the backup but before the restore.

Maybe I can clear this up with a read of the WordPress documentation.

In any case, when I add images to my Ode site, I use relative links in the image tags, which makes it possible to retain those links if and when I move the site to another server and even if I change the domain. I almost think that WordPress users should make the effort to modify their image tags in a similar fashion.

Here’s an image:


The link is, but it could display just as well with this path: /blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/cropped-master_and_server_banner.png

Unfortunately due to the quirks inherent in how this blog’s URL is configured (with the /~passthejoe), I can only write out the relative URL as /~passthejoe/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/cropped-master_and_server_banner.png: